Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goals for February Vacation

I am very ambitious. I'll admit it. I have quite a few goals for my week off, so maybe posting them will give me extra motivation to accomplish them?!

1. Kasha Nut Loaf
2. Almond Butter
3. Coconut Chutney
4. Fudge
5. Email the friends I've been slacking in communication with
6. Read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry so I'm prepared for the 5/6th graders
7. Read the book of John
8. Watch 1 good movie
9. Do at least 75 minutes of yoga, at least 4 times
10. Organize all of those papers I've been shoving in the corner of the living room
11. Get the vacuum fixed (it's only been broken for three years...)
12. Return the coffee grinder and the insulated mug to Bed Bath and Beyond
13. Ketchup with COMMERCIAL fish sauce (click on the link and you'll get it)
14. Create viable lesson plans for the 8 weeks between February and April vacation
15. Relax!
16. Oh yeah...and all three of these Indian dishes from Vehement Flame...


  1. Okay, so did you ever use YOUR fish sauce? You need to try Tra Chang fish sauce- it is aged and superbo :

    Will you ferment the chutney? I have a nice chutney recipe too if youre interested.

  2. will definitely ferment the chutney and am interested in any and all chutney recipes, as mine haven't been stellar.

    and yes, i used the fish sauce. it was fine for awhile (aside from the fact that my family called me Jeffery Dahmer), but the ketchup I made with the fish sauce (fish sauce is 6 months old at this point) is way stinky. it's a lot stronger than the store bought stuff. i'll def check out the link. thanks MUCH!!