Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What $21.74 will buy you at Lambert's Market

These were in the "day old" produce section....

5 mangos
12 lemons
25 peppers
10 pounds of apples
5 pounds of potatoes
2 pounds of beets
2 pounds of mushrooms
9 onions
2 pounds of tomatoes
20 pearl onions
7 radishes
1 ear of corn
11 large squash
2 eggplants
1 banana
4 oranges

and a big smile for the rest of the day!


  1. That is unbelievable! I wish I could find such wonderful produce for such a great price!
    All your pictured produce would last me for an entire month!

  2. What the heck!? What's wrong with this photo and those monetary amounts??? I googled Lambert's market just to see if you were making it up:)

  3. I guess I forgot to say that they were "day old". Post has been edited to reflect that fact. =) But still. They don't taste day old--most will be fermented and given away! So yeah, Lambert's rocks. I know of a few around Mass. but I think they're just a local place. I often times feel like I'm ripping them off when I walk out with insane amounts of food for such little money.

  4. ok, but were they organic??? and you'd have to freeze some of it!!!