Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Omlettes are Mark's signature breakfast dishes. He loves loading up his omlette with coarsely chopped veggies and cheese, and sauteing it in lots of palm oil. I go for a more delicate omlette, with finely chopped veggies and fresh herbs when they're around, slowly and gently cooked in olive oil. The best part about an omlette is that it is eternally forgiving. You can do just cheese, or just veggies, or add meat - the combinations are endless. The pictures are of a red pepper-tomato-mushroom-garlic omlette.

The basic steps are as follows:

1. Heat your choice of oil (olive, palm, butter, lard) in a heavy pan, preferably with sloping sides.

2. Beat 3 eggs until yolks and whites are incorporated.

3a. Pour eggs into pan, and let cook a few minutes, or until set on bottom. (It's OK if the top is still liquidy.)

3b. Meanwhile, chop veggies. I put mine in the food processor and they were done in 10 seconds!

4. Add filling to one half of the omlette - it can be sauteed beforehand, or just dumped in raw, depending on time and preference.

5. Flip over the empty side of the omlette and let cook until golden.

6. You may want to flip the entire thing again and cook a few moments on the other side, or just serve as is!

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  1. What beautiful omlettes you have! Mine always end up scrambles :)