Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coconut Chutney

I'm really trying to up my intake of fermented foods, which supply us with digestive aids, enzymes, and increased nutrition, including B vitamins! I'm currently fermenting my dosas for an Indian Feast sometime later this week. So, what else should an exhausted teacher do on the eve of the first day of February vacation? Why, make fermented coconut chutney, of course!! Vehement Flame left me a fantastic recipe, but these tired little legs couldn't make it to the car, let alone the market in search of a fresh coconut. But after tasting the coconut chutney I just made, I'll be making a new batch in no time! For more coconut recipes, check out Kelly the Kitchen Kop's Real Food Wednesday !!

It literally took me 5 minutes to get this one in the jar, and fermenting. It can be eaten fresh, or fermented for 2-4 days.

Here's the recipe I used, inspired by Sandor Katz's Wild Fermentation:

Makes 2 cups
1 c shredded, unsweetened, unsulphured coconut soaked in
1/2 c warm water

juice of half a lemon (because that's all I had...1 lemon would have been good)
1/2 t mustard seeds
1 t cumin
1 t coriander seeds
1 t salt
1 T honey
3/4 c kefir or plain yogurt

Combine all ingredients in blender until well combined. Cover loosely with cheesecloth and leave at room temperature for 2 - 4 days, or until you see pockets of air indicating microorganism action. Cover tightly and store in cool place!


  1. Now that you've got that done, you can relax and enjoy your break! Wow, I'll bet your kids learn a lot from you. I have a day care, and I'm always trying to teach them what is and isn't "good for their bodies"! I don't think the parents always appreciate that so much!

    Thanks for joining in on the carnival!


  2. That sounds really yummy!! I do have a shredded coconut texture thing, but I might enjoy that!

  3. I really want that crazy cookbook- I hink I need a lab room built unto my kitchen though!!! I got up off my bum and called my local herd share farmer and we have a gallon of fresh milk in the fridge- it turns out to be pretty close to the same price that we were paying for organic milk at WHole Foods- Do you mind if I link you if/when I post about my raw milk and kefir?

  4. No ma'am - please link away! I'm soo proud you got the milk! We end up buying ours once a stays fresher longer, and I don't mind the sour taste, as it generally goes into the kefir anyway.

    I think you should get the book... lived-in kitchen is a sign of a healthy family, right?!

  5. I'm glad I found this recipe. I'm about to make some fermented dill pickles and some fermented raisin chutney. This coconut chutney looks awesome!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    (AKA FoodRenegade(

  6. What a funny coindidence -- I just tried this recipe this week from Wild Fermentation. I made the dosas with it (made from brown rice and lentils), and I stuffed them with shredded roast chicken and steamed cauliflower, turnip and zucchini with a little olive oil, cumin and marjoram. Then the coconut chutney and chopped red onions on top. No one else in my house liked it, but I felt like I was at an Indian restaurant! So yummy!