Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have this obsession with making all of Vehement Flame's recipes...maybe it was the Jasmine Rice Pudding that got me. Or, it could have been the Cocoa Carrot muffins. Whatever it was, I'm now hooked, because it's all turned out goooood.

Today's undertaking was no exception. I'll spare you the details, but I ended up with 4 cups of buckwheat groats soaking in water, with intentions of making a Kasha Nut Loaf...and yeah. Too many details. As soon as I realized I'd have more than enough buckwheat to try the chocolate chip cookie recipe, I was off! Buckwheat groats have a deep nutty flavor, perfect for a cookie. I baked them on my stone and ended up with a light, airy, nutty deliciousness!

Note: The only changes I made was to half the sugar, from 1 c to 1/2 cup, and (accidentally) increase baking soda to 1.5 teaspoons.


  1. You're awesome! Thanks! I was wanting to decrease the sugar amount too- but I was scared I'd ruin the cookies- Thanks for experimenting for me! My next step is to try them with buckwheat flour and groats instead of ww pastry flour...

  2. You know that buckwheat is gluten free, right??? Yeah!