Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vermi-composting gone bad.

So today I had a goal of rooting around in the backyard leaf piles and finding 1,000 worms. I found 25 and called it quits. I enjoyed the process and could have kept going, if not for the mosquito buzzing around my ears for 30 minutes. Since it's no-buy Ju-ly, I can't buy the worms needed for vermicomposting, nor do I really feel the need to spend $30 on a bag of worms that I could easily find in my backyard. I'll just have to find a way to keep the mosquitos at bay. On the upside, I put the 25 worms, along with a shovel full of castings (essentially, worm poop/great fertilizer) into the compost bin, and hopefully things will start moving at a pace that allows me to throw all of our scraps in there, not just a few.

My next project is yogurt making. I am going to buy a starter online, because technically that's food, right?! But no fancy equipment, just the jars I have hanging around the house.

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  1. You just need some chickens to feed the rest of those kitchen scraps to!!