Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No-buy Ju-ly (and August too, while we're at it)

Somehow, one of my bookmarks folders was lost, and I found myself without easy access to my favorite blogs. I got lazy and never made a new folder, but that meant not checking up on Crunchy Chicken , Riana's site, These Days in French Life, or Mel's Gluten Free Krums. However, last night, I had an internetfest and I rediscovered my old faves, as well as some new faves - RyanIsHungry (helping me out with my vermicomposting dreams). Along the way, I was presented with the challenge of not buying. I've heard the idea before, but after reading Affluenza, I like the idea of an intentional month (or two) of just not buying. Now, I recognize there is power and position implicit in that statement, but I feel I need to do what I can, because I can. If I couldn't afford to buy anything, then perhaps this wouldn't be the challenge for me. But, despite the lack of jobs on both of our ends, I find myself purchasing little useless items, and I would like to go a month of intentional non-buying. I like the idea of relying on others reducing my carbon footprint, eliminating needless packaging, and continuing to simply life. Of course I'll buy food, though even that is getting increasingly more local due to the summer, and gas, and pay the bills. But nothing else. I'll make birthday cards, go hard-core freecycle, and beg, borrow, and steal. OK, maybe not the steal part, but you get what I mean. And only for those things that are really necessary.

Since there is no way I'm getting Mark to shut off the A/C anytime soon, no matter how nonchalantly I tell him (while sweating profusely in this heat wave) that I don't think we need it, this might be a good challenge...

PS The beet kvass is the best I've had ever. It's still pretty gross, but there was a certain sweetness about it this time that made it just a tad more tolerable.

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  1. thanks for the shout out to Ryanishungry. we also have slowly changed how we deal with things in our lives. i've learned that the key is just experiment. question everything. do what works for you.

    we'd love to see some short videos of what you're up to. (we'll link to them!)