Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Health Check List

Here are the top twenty guiding health principles I live by:

1) Include wild caught fish, meats, organ meats, and dairy (from Weston A Price study of most healthful native diets)

2) Get at least 30 minutes of active exercise daily

3) Drink the purest water possible

4) Get 8 hours of sleep

5) Learn to avoid and properly handle stress (relaxation, meditation, prayer, diet)

6) Eliminate refined sugar, caffeine and minimize sweets (no soda!)

7) Eliminate refined flours

8) Avoid or preferably completely eliminate the consumption of microwaved, or over-cooked food.

9) If dairy is consumed, preferably use raw and cultured dairy

10) Eliminate artificial trans-fats (hydrogenated vegetable oils)

11) Include cultured and fermented foods and beverages if tolerated (like kefir, beet kvass, fermented condiments)

12) If grains, seeds, or nuts are consumed, soak or sprout them.

13) Get plenty of sun if possible (but don't get sunburned). Coconut oil is a great sunscreen!

14) Avoid harmful chemicals in food and environment (artificial food additives, natural food toxins, drugs, poisons)

15) Take good quality high vitamin cod liver oil daily, like Green Pastures fermented CLO (if you don't get adequate sun, seafood, and liver routinely)

16) Choose fully pastured or wild animal foods preferably from a clean environment

17) Choose minimally processed, seasonal, locally harvested organic produce (supports 10)

18) Use coconut oil, tallow, and/or butter for cooking

19) Minimize or eliminate factory processed/packaged, fake foods

20) Eliminate the use of conventional table salt and instead use a naturally harvested sea salt.

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