Saturday, April 4, 2009

Solitary Saturday

Mark's on campus today for two events - from 7am - midnight! I've been looking forward to this day in a weird way. Mainly because I've been hoping to use the day to do a THOROUGH cleaning of the apartment. At first I had visions of sparkling windows, but I've since revised the plan to include vacuuming and dusting all the vents, with a kitchen floor wash if the day went really well. Things started out great. I awoke full of energy at 7:00. But then, I went to Lambert's. That place is dangerous. For $13, I got 27 cucumbers, 7 yellow squash, 8 tomatoes, 2 red peppers, a head of garlic, daikon radishes, parsley, 1 bunch asparagus, a LARGE bunch of kale, 4 onions, a lemon and a lime. Some of it was their "day-old" stuff, which means you have to get creative. Creative I have been, but it's taken half the day. It's 1:47pm and I'm blogging

5tttttttttr67777777777777777777 <---------message from the cat, who just stepped on the keyboard.

So yeah...that should tell you how things are going. Truthfully, I didn't even want to cook today, but it's my drug, and so far we have some kimchi

2 gallons of pickles

some nasty looking vegetable stock


asparagus soup

a heap of yellow squash, longing for purpose

a sinkful of dirty dishes and some overripe tomatoes

some photo shy falafel, resting in the fridge and a large roast that needs to be marinated.

And of course the cat refuses to lift a finger around the house. He's really not pulling his weight.

Any suggestions for the tomatoes and cucumbers that don't involve dairy?!


  1. o meg, that's not kimchi! i'll have to bring you the real thing next time.

    also, lamberts sounds amazing. i've never heard of it. could you just make a tomato + cucumber salad sans the feta?

  2. LOL...i figured i was going to get some flack for my kimchi. it's fermented kimchi megan style. =) and yes, i like the tomato cucumber salad idea. i have a red onion too. nice work, gayle!

  3. Love this post!
    You are unbelievably creative (both in verse & in the kitchen).
    Especially the free loading kitty cat. ;o)