Tuesday, February 3, 2009

RIP Cuisinart

We once had a cat that, after we officially adopted him into our house (check out the cat story for details), he only lasted 5 weeks. We had to put him to sleep because of a blocked urethra. It was devastating, so I'm taking this recent and unexpected death in stride, but I am still very disappointed. My Cuisinart "grain mill"...OK fine...it was a coffee grinder...died, after just two weeks. Tonight, I was on the phone with my sister, who for whatever reason didn't enjoy the hum of the Cuisinart in the background. So I left the grain grinding and walked out of the room. I guess I shouldn't have left it tettering precariously on the kitchen sink, because it spun itself off the counter, into the soapy sink, and fizzled out, probably never to be used again.

Luckily, I have three loaves of sprouted grain bread baking right now, so I should be set for awhile - at least until February vacation, when using the manual stone grinder won't be such a laborious task!

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