Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gratitude Journal

I'm having my fifth and sixth graders keep a gratitude journal for the month of November, and I'm pretty excited to get in on the action myself. We're just taking 3-5 minutes a day to spend some time reflecting on what we're thankful for!

I'm thankful for...
God's faithfulness/red leaves/smiling, forgiving children/fresh food/cozy slippers/funny friends/sweet husband/crazy cat/beautiful bella/lovable lucy/money to travel/the gift of writing/the passionate voters who stand outside on bridges at 7am waving to cars zooming by below, in hopes that they might vote for their candidate/democracy/freedom of speech/a black presidential candidate/flannel sheets/dishwashers/poetry/art/paths through the woods/the scratching of pencils in a classroom

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