Saturday, July 12, 2008

Latest and Greatest

Today I was tempted. In the "buying" department. I actually had a toe ring, pair of mother of pearl earrings, and anklet in my hand, ready to show the sketchy sales guy at the flea market, when I realized what month it was. Still Ju-ly. As in the no-buy Ju-ly kind. So, head hung in slight embarrassment, I had to explain to sister, two friends, and befuddled vendor, why the purchase I had been so excited about two seconds earlier was just not happening. It was actually a really cool experience. I would have only spent $8, and in the scheme of things, that's not much. But I realized I don't "need" more stuff--and I realized it in the moment, rather than just holding my lack of need as a sentimental ideal in my heart. I understand that this is an elitist post, because some people can't afford to buy anything, whether it's no-buy Ju-ly or no-eat-because-there's-no-$$ February. However, I am doing what I can - and isn't that what my blog, and my lifestyle changes have been trying to get at?? Just do what you can. Celebrate your successes.

My sourdough bread is very sad, so I won't post the recipe. It doesn't rise. I think it tastes good, but apparently taste is subjective. It's the shape and size of a two inch thick frisbee. It tastes like beer though - which is actually a yummy flavor of bread. If only I could figure out a way to make it rise. I don't want to just use straight flour without soaking or fermenting, so I'm going to have to figure out the sourdough recipe. Maybe I should try making it with spelt instead of rye...

PS I did shave. Mark and Thomas told me that they would tie me down and do it for me, so I used my leverage and asked Mark to clean off his desk in exchange for me cleaning of my...well, you get the picture. So we're all good. And it's not a huge deal. You could braid my leg hairs though. ;-)

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