Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Pooed =(

June 7th was one of the saddest days of the year. After almost 3 months of being a horse trying to catch a carrot, enduring horrific hair and endless speculation from family members about the small animals that could be nesting along my crown, I pooed. It all went down like this...

We didn't shower daily in Italy. I can't lie. I did, however, "scrub" my hair with water, or with BS and ACV at least twice a week. But after the second week, there was a buildup that couldn't be ignored. I looked like I was starting dreadlocks. Nothing was working, and it was not even feeling semi-clean like it had for the previous two months. So, I decided to brush it for a long time to see if I could lessen (or loosen) the build up. I destroyed Mollie's brush in the process, rendering it totally useless and covered in a film with a strange blue hue. It was that film (which I assumed, before Mollie dispelled this myth, had always been on the brush), that pushed me over the edge. The picture above is what my hair looked like after the brushing. There is no wind. It's just that dirty. With that, I took a bottle of Head and Shoulders and had a practically orgasmic experience in the shower. I didn't know hair could feel so clean! My guilt didn't last too long.

Now here I am, back home, my body filled with sugar and exorbitant amounts of refined flour, my head awash in chemicals, wondering how I can rebuild my life. The break was OK, and probably needed. It proved to me that I will not die, gain tons of weight, morph into a turtle, or some other undesirable outcome, if I stray a bit from my usual lifestyle. But I can't wait to get back into a routine.

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