Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Skin Care

I had the most beautiful skin evening last night! I found this great site called Skin Care Recipes and Remedies and decided to try a few of their "recipes" out, modified according to what I had lying around. First, I massaged a mixture of jojoba and castor oil on my face. Then, I boiled water and held my head, with a facecloth draped over it, above the steam for about seven minutes. After that, I dried off a little, and put a mask of 1:1 honey and ACV. Finally, I rinsed and applied my kefir/yogurt moisturizer. I felt clean and yummy! The website is definitely a great resource and should be checked out if you have any skin issues - or simply want to try some natural ways to stay clean and hydrated.

Speaking of natural...if you're curious about the toxicity of your beauty products, from make-up to toothpaste, check out Skin Deep, a consumer's guide to the safety of commercial cosmetics.

And lastly, my new favorite use of castor oil: make-up remover. Off to steam my face!

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    Thanks for recommending my site to your readers :) I hope you visit more often and try more recipes :)