Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 33 - Fooled Mom

My mother loves to tell me to wash my hair. I think it's because she's a nurse. Even though my husband continually reassures me he notices no differences - in smell, texture, or style - my mother insists that I am a grease ball and probably thinks I'm breeding strange microscopic animals in my hair. In an effort to appease Mother, and get rid of the pesky white flakes that appear two days post-BS, I did a 50:50 (1/2 c) white vinegar and water wash. I poured it all over my head, and scrubbed, leaving it to sit while I finished my showering routine, and then finally rinsed with lukewarm, low pressure water. I mixed a dime sized amount of coconut oil with jojoba oil, and worked through, then scrunched.

When I approached Mom tonight, saying, "See, now how does it look?," she assumed I washed it, and said, "Good - doesn't it feel nice to be clean?" To which I replied, "HA! I didn't wash it!" and gloated for about 20 minutes, basking in my white vinegar discovery. It's definitely shiny, and the curls are defined, and there is no frizz, but I would like it a little less...wet-looking. So perhaps I want to do less oils at the end. However, I just purchased a slew of EOs (essential oils) from in hopes of eliminating the salad head smell...

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