Monday, March 24, 2008

OCM - Oil Cleaning Method

I mentioned before that I've stopped "washing" my face with my normal face washes. I haven't washed in a traditional way in about two weeks now. It is important for me to note that I've always had pretty good skin, so as with *no poo* this wasn't a quest for beauty, or to remedy some problems. Rather, it's about sustainability, and purity. I've just been massaging my face twice a day with coconut oil. It looks great. In fact, once a month things usually get a bit iffy, but this month I only had one little zit, and it lasted two days, and stayed very small. However, I did get really dry, so I bought some Vitamin E oil to use afterwards. I've been reading that this little coconut oil experiment is actually somewhat legit. There are people who ascribe to the Oil Cleaning Method (OCM), which basically means that oils draw out oils. Most people use a mix of olive oil and castor oil though. The castor oil cleans and purifies, and the olive oil moisturizes. I think I'll go get some castor oil tomorrow and try it. In the mean time, I am totally happy with my glowing results!

This link gives you all the details about OCM you need to start:
OCM - All About

Here's a great link from Livejournal about OCM:
OCM - How To


  1. Hello! Just thought I'd ask - how is this going? I'm thinking of trying this 2-3 days per week, but I don't usually get spots and have quite dry, sensitive skin. I just think it sounds like a good idea!
    PS. Anabella is adorable!

  2. Thanks - we think she's pretty cute too. =) It's so funny you posted this because I've been meaning to go back to it. I liked it for the fall/winter especially. It was really just laziness that kept me from keeping it up - a bottle of Burt's Bees is faster and easier. I"ll do a post in a week or so with how things are going in the warm weather. If you try it, make sure you have a great moisturizer for afterward, (vitamin E or coconut oil) and play around with the castor oil/olive oil ratios.