Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 15: It's an oily world...

I bought the castor and jojoba oil yesterday, and began a new skin routine. I mixed equal parts castor and EVOO, and massaged for a few minutes, just as I did with the coconut oil. I've done it three times so far, and though my skin feels really soft, it's so tight afterwards. I mixed two drops of Vitamin E oil and jojoba oil in my palms, and then massaged that in after "washing". I feel a little oily, but my skin looks great--dewy, fresh, and clean.

As for my hair...ugh. I conditioned it this morning, for the second day in a row, and the sides looked greasy. One of my students asked if I was still no pooing, and when I said yes, she replied that my hair didn't look dirty at all. Perhaps it's because I am obsessive with mirrors now, wondering if my hair looks as bad as I imagine it to, but I wasn't convinced by her comment. I've decided not to do two days of conditioning in a row, and opted to use BS (with a drop of jojoba) and ACV tonight. It's still wet, so I'll have to report tomorrow on the outcome.

I started to feel a little squeamish that my endeavors for simplicity and less waste were perhaps defeating the purpose, as my showers have become twice as long with all that massaging! So tonight, I massaged my face and head before I showered, and just did the rinsing in the shower. It still took awhile, but I think I'm improving.

I've been "brushing" my body with a long handled natural bristle brush I bought at Good Health . It's amazing how many dead skin cells we can shed in one day! I've developed a little hypothesis--if I stop using hair products, and slough off the dead skin cells, I shouldn't have any chest/neck/back blemishes...or at least their *occasional* appearance status should drop down to infrequent.


  1. hi megan! it's gayle. do you think it's safe to use castor oil (i sent you an email about it yesterday). also, where did you pick up castor oil (if safe to use) and jojoba? i went to cvs today and saw neither. i like the idea of no poo, but it's hard during the school year. i'm going to try again in the summer. :)

  2. Hey Gayle! I did read the article and I felt like the dangers of getting ricin poison were very slim. It's made from the waste of processed castor beans, so I bought the best brand I could find at my local health food store (expeller-pressed, organic), and I'm going with that. I think I may have given a brief update on my new regime - I like the castor oil/EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) but definitely feel dry afterwards, so I have to moisturize with jojoba and vitamin E oil. I'm going to play around with the ratio though, to see if I can eliminate the extra moisturizing! Thanks for reading my blog. =)