Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 10 ends--

--and I'm still on board. Today was my best hair day yet. No flakes, no grease, no smell, and less dryness than before. I spent a long time brushing with a natural bristle brush last night to evenly distribute the oil. By the end of that endeavor, my hair was so huge and pouffy that I could hardly fit through the doorway. However, I think it paid dividends when I went to "wash" this morning. All I did was scrub with my fingers and water, and I was done--with pretty good results! I also left out washing my face this morning, as I think the coconut oil was inevitably moving from the outline of my face to my hairline. Maybe I'm in the clear????

My student washed his hair. Adorable, but clean. Only the strong survive...

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