Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sprintime Haitus

I'm here. I know it seems like I've disappeared. But as soon as the weather gets warmer and the sun stays out longer, I'm walking, running, planting, weeding, or doing something outdoors! My meals have been very basic lately - meat and vegetables with some rice or instant couscous (Mark's favorite!) Our latest meals have been baked scallops with garlic sage foccacia, sauteed green beans in garlic with brown rice and seared ahi tuna; chicken stir fry with fresh sugar snap peas and a grape tomato chutney; and spinach kiku! We traveled last weekend, and have eaten out several times too, thanks to my brother's girlfriend, who hooks us up with the best pizza on the planet. I've been working on a sprouted wheat chocolate chip cookie recipe, though!

I'm also finishing up the school year, which means oodles of grading, and have been working on some writing pieces as well. To boot, Mark and I are flying to Barcelona on June 14, and then doing some travel through Spain and Italy until July 2nd. After that, I'm hoping to spend some time on an organic farm in Wisconsin, working on my first novel. So, cooking experiments are taking a bit of a backseat for awhile. I will definitely keep posting, but it just may be a bit longer between posts!

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