Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shh. Don't Read This Post if You Can't Keep Secrets...

I stumbled upon the blog Graitude. Simplicity. Frugality. and Em is now on my top 10 list. She shared a secret with me that has kept a good deal of cash in my wallet, and made my husband verrrry happy. I'm a little nervous that if I tell too many people, the deal will dry up. But I couldn't leave my readers in the dark!! So shh.

If you log onto (you know, that cool site that lets you pay a 50+% discount for restaurant gift certificates), and use the promotion code FEAST when you check out, you get 70% off. Mark and I just scored $150 worth of gift certificates to STIX Boston, Kingfish Hall, and Appetito, for just $21!! Then, if you fill out a customer satisfaction survey, you get a $10 check in the meal. So that means we're going out to three very nice places for roughly $4 each time, plus a tip. You can't get out of Taco Bell for that price (and would you want to?!), so I suggest you visit the site to see if there are any participating restaurants near you!

Now, there are some limitations - some places don't accept the certificates on Fridays and Saturdays (hope that didn't suck the fun out of the balloon), but don't let that deter you. I hear the food at most restaurants tastes the same on Sundays and Thursdays too. Overall, not a shabby deal, my friends. Not too shabby at all...

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  1. Thanks for the link love, doll. I'm glad you found me and the deal in time for it to work for you. <3