Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Circa 1993, age 11

Disclaimer: There has been no editing. These poems are from the above Lisa Frank notebook, used for my sixth grade English class.

Mr. X

Mr. X is your name,
Because I need to protect
and us.
I never see you much,
or your real side,
But what I see I like.
You are just a dream,
or not.
Do you love me?
I wish I knew.
I love you.
Mr. X, open your eyes,
I <3 U.

Mary (Written about Nana Mary)

it has been a few months since
a dear friend died
tears flowed through pain
that just would not hide
I just keep thinking some day
she'll come back,
But she's gone forever,
It's a simple fact.
She was my grandma,
old and wize,
The secrets we tell
in bed late at night,
are gone.
God will take you,
I love you,


Friends are laughing, enemies crying,
Victims of rumors souls are dying.
Insecure girls, to others, are lying.
Boys are yelling: smoking, drinking,
Consciences are deeply sinking,
Getting high, never thinking.
Pressure overcoming pride,
Talking cautiously, but secrets slide.
Never admitting you need a guide
to help you through all teenage years,
With problems to face but hard to bear,
Boyfriends, girlfriends equal hearts to tear.


  1. Whoa...that last one is quite profound for age 11! Lots of sad truth there....and one of my many reasons for homeschooling! And yes, my kids are getting huge! Kory turns 14 in June, Cooper is 12 this month, and that 2-year old that you used to babysit will be 9 years old in July! Can't even believe it myself. :)

  2. You Italians have NO SHAME!!! ANd I think you fudged about the no editing- doesn't Mr. X have a name??? This is to funny- How I wish I could laugh at my awful poetry days- they were all dark and dreary though- full of existialist rage - no love poems....

  3. whatsa the italians got to do with this, huh?? just wait til i start posting HIGH SCHOOL poems...

  4. He He He I totally had that same binder! Just seeing it brought back memories.