Thursday, April 2, 2009

April is National Poetry Month!

I don't usually jump on these bandwagons. I teach elementary and middle school, and I hardly ever mention Native American Month or Black History Month or Women's History Month or Take Your Daughter to Work Month...whatever. These things are important, but can't we find a way to integrate them into our daily lives? What kind of a message do we send to our kids if their heritage is only important for 28 days out of the year? However, that said, when I discovered that April was National Poetry Month, I took the bait. I needed a little pick-me-up, and if we all write a poem a day for 30 days, it might just be enough to chase away all those gray clouds. So, I'm doing my part. I can't say that I'll post every one of them, but you better believe I'll write each day.

4.1.09 (written 12.13.08)
Be still, you rusted winds
Stay calm, naked, gnarly trees.
There is a knock at the air
And it is not you
Let me listen, for it is not you

The pots on the stove shift
The windows settle
The cat stirs
And it is not because of you.

My spirit zigs, zags restlessly within
Trapped beneath this film of skin
Forgetting that spirit trumps skin in all but one instance

Be still, you greedy winds
Stay calm, you frantic trees
There is a knock at the air
And it is me
Let me listen, for I cannot hear myself.

Whirlpool tidal wave slow tow
doesn't matter
here we go.
Soft breeze hurricane tsunami
feel it come
plain to see.
turn fight turn fall
run to hide
tried it all.

of there.

not this time, sugar.
bring yourself
back to this moment
back to this place
back to yourself
and fight.

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