Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Tahini (on the right) is sesame seed paste, used to make hummus (on the left), and it's available in all supermarkets. However, it can be as much as $6-8 for a 15 ounce jar! I decided to make my own, from organic sesame seeds and olive oil. 2 cups of sesame seeds cost $2.37, and a half of a cup of olive oil is between $1-3, depending on the quality of your olive oil. So, it could end up the same price, or you could save a few dollars a jar.

Take 2 cups of sesame seeds and toast for a few minutes, until fragrant, at 350 degrees.

Then, put on steel blade of the food processor, add 1/4 c of olive oil, and process for several minutes. If nothing is happening, add more oil! It takes a few minutes for it to start resembling tahini, so fear not!


  1. Okay- I have been on the search for an organic tahini paste that doesn't have a "nut" warning- son is allergic- I see now I should just make my own with my organic sesame seeds- But honestly- how does the taste compare???

  2. Hmmm...well, I've only made one batch and I don't exactly eat it out of the jar, but I did take a little lick. It tasted very pure, but just like...ground sesame seeds. The hummus I made with it was great though. (NewLife - can you weigh in here since the hummus was actually for you?!) Since I'll be making tahini sauce later in the week, I am a bit concerned with it's lack of zip. I'll update the post after I make the tahini sauce.

    What do you use the tahini for?

  3. I like to use tahini for hummus and for soba noodle salad- I use about 1/3 c or so for both recipies. I have some sesame seeds right now- but I want to use up the tahini paste in th efridge before I make my own..or maybe I should go ahead and make it then compare tastes,,,hmmm.