Monday, January 5, 2009

Fried Mush

I love my husband. I really do. Sometimes he can be a big baby though. He didn't like my oatmeal soaked in 54 day old raw milk. So I had this LARGE bowl of oatmeal to find a home for this weekend. (I was actually trying to get rid of the milk, as it'd soured a little. I couldn't very well throw away the milk and the oatmeal!) What better time to attempt to make fried mush. I'd seen the recipe in Nourishing Traditions, but the name just ewwed me out. (It's not like fermented fish heads or anything.) I like my food to have a little more character than fried mush.

Anywho. I dove it this morning and it was sooo good! I took about a cup's worth of leftover cooked oatmeal, mixed in an egg, and fried it in butter. O. M. G. It was like an oatmeal pancake. Then for dinner, because I forgot to marinate the lamb (whoopsie!) Mark made macaroni and cheese from a box, and I made some more fried oatmeal. I used coconut oil instead of butter this time, and added maple syrup. It was just like a pancake. I suggest you try some. Soon.

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  1. Hi all, this is to confirm the fact that the oatmeal pancake was realllly good. Megan made it for me today for lunch and it was quite tasty and filling. I always eat oatmeal every morning in my car at 6am on my way to work. It heats up my lap as it sits on it while I drive. This is a more nourishing way to get my oatmeal plus it has a lot more protein. Don't know if I'll time to make it at 5am before work but I just might try in between feeding dogs and making my green barley drink. Megan's Mum