Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 2 - morning

Yesterday was a good day. I didn't fight any hunger pains, though it wasn't easy cooking salmon and squash (one of my favorite meals) for Mark, nor did I enjoy handing out Halloween candy!

Early this morning, around 6am, I felt nauseous and couldn't go back to bed. I feel very weak and slow this morning. I'm hoping I was just a little dehydrated and that's why I'm feeling like this. I just couldn't get in the 12 - 14 glasses of lemon water I was supposed to drink. I'm wondering if I just want to do a two day fast, knowing that I need to have regained some energy before I teach again on Monday. If start on fruit juices on Sunday, I can go back to some lighter solid foods on Monday, rather than just doing juices on Monday. We'll see. Last time I fasted for three days, I felt awful on the second day, but fine on the third day.

The Freedom You website has a plethora of informative articles on fasting, ranging from physical to spiritual. It's been one of my main resources.

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