Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nothing feels all that simple...

As I was typing the address to this blog, I realized that nothing feels very simple anymore. I wake up extra early to make sure I have my hair and skin concoctions ready, and I spend more time researching what *might* work, than finding out what really does. So, at the risk of one of my darling students rediscovering me, I think it's time to go back to what it's like to be green in a pink world.

That said, I am hoping against all hope to eventually find a routine that is both emotionally, environmentally, physically, and economically sustainable. And since I'm asking quite a bit of myself, I have to be patient in allowing myself time to actually find those habits and lifestyle changes. I'm closer than when I began.

Hair Update:

I tried a tea rinse instead of ACV on Monday, and it was not a very successful endeavor. My hair felt thick and waxy, and was greasy underneath, as well as covered in those lovely little white flakes. It's grossing me out. So last night, in attempts to ameliorate the flakiness, I massaged my head for a good five minutes, brushed out my hair to spread out the sebum, and put a few drops of tea tree oil on there to combat the greasies. Today's wash - WO (water only) - produced a nice curl, but I feel a residue that I was hoping would be gone with the extensive rinsing. I may do a BS wash tomorrow morning with a long rinse and a bit of EOs on the ends, though now that I've recently had my hair cut, the ends are very well behaved.

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