Monday, April 7, 2008

I hate Day 28

Caption: I'm sick of the same face in all my pictures. Plus, I wonder if the fish face will distract anyone from the hair debacle.

OK, so hate is a strong word, but I'm not incredibly happy with the results of four weeks of no shamPOO. I need to constantly remind myself that this is for both my health, and the health of the environment. I must have saved myself from buying at least one plastic bottle already, right?! In all seriousness, the claims of soft, manageable, clean, luxurious hair are a far cry from what this diligent damsel is experiencing. I have been a scalp-massaging, oil adding, baking soda toting, ACV smelling, tea trying, ball of grease and frizz. How appealing. My self-image has gone down the tubes. I rarely leave my hair down anymore, and when I do, I'm victim to the ongoing inner scrutiny of each seemingly malnourished lock. I feel like I'm in a really unhealthy relationship, and yet it's one that I think has the potential to get better, if only I try hard enough. Therefore, just like that relationship, I feel like I've put so much time in already, surely giving up now is a sign of weakness and utter foolishness. Why throw all of this work down the drain? (quite literally) And yet, I wonder if I could be *that girl*, whose friends watch her stay in a relationship that everyone knows is clearly doomed...

On Saturday, I decided to put some coconut oil in my hair after my shower. I looked like...well, I looked like I just put coconut oil in my hair. I don't think a picture is necessary.

On Sunday, I decided to try a green tea rinse. I threw a tea bag in a cup, added hot water and let it steep during my shower, poured the tea on my head, and rinsed. Thankfully, my hair didn't turn green. It looked fairly clean, but too dry.

Tomorrow, I am going to add honey to my BS/H2O mix. The next day, I might add some shampoo...

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