Sunday, April 20, 2008

Forty Days of No Poo

I was worried about my hair at the wedding, and rightfully so. It turned out dry and yet greasy. I washed that morning with a mix of WV, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and some honey. Mark and I were going out that night and Mollie insisted on dressing me up - which meant that lifeless hair was simply not going to do. I almost shampooed. But at the last minute, I grabbed some old baking soda she had in her fridge, added some honey, and made a rinse of water and a few drops of oils. What a fantastic improvement! These pictures are both from the same day. Sarah, the bride, is in the pic of me after my morning wash; Mollie, sister, is in the pic after the evening one. I'm not sure if I will ever figure my hair out perfectly, but I am certainly inching closer every day.

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  1. Megan! I love it! Haven't read every post but will in the next few days - already I'm inspired! So good to see you today, and find that we are food/health/green/chicken kindred spirits! Hope your trip home was good.