Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ready Ladies?

This whole "going green" thing has taken on a life of its own. I've begun to think about every little thing I do now, and evaluate the environmental impact. The latest area of my life that has come under scrutiny is the toilet paper/that-time-of-the-month waste. When Sheryl Crow told the world that they should only be using one square of toilet paper, two at most, I was on board with her hip, rockin' self. Some blogs I've been reading have totally eliminated toilet paper and opt for a sprayer attached to the toilet instead. I think Mark would leave me if I ever tried that. So I thought maybe I should move on to the realm of feminine hygiene...

Guys, you may want to stop reading at this point. Ladies, please bear with me. I'm not about to say that we should forgo protection during our cycles, but have you considered what happened before Tampax and Kotex and Always came on the scene with their odor-eliminating, thin-as-paper pads, and easy application tampons? Certainly women have been having their periods for as long as we've been reproducing, and I don't think it's fair to assume they were unhygenic and barbaric about it either. Understandably, washing blood cloths might not be up our alley these days, but there must be something we can do to lighten our carbon footprint in this area.

There is. And I'm here to bravely go where no woman I know has gone before, or at least has admitted to going. It's the diva cup. I won't go into details, because the site does a pretty good job of that. The media section was especially helpful. The cup looks something like a mix between a funnel and a hat I might put on Buddy when I am trying to torment him. If anyone else wants to take the diva cup challenge, let me know. Can you imagine how much paper, plastic, packaging, and fuel we'll save if we all go Diva?! I'll report in a few days...

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